Forced displacement in Colombia

Each day as many as 1000 Colombians are forcefully displaced from their lands and made to flee to cities where their identity and history is swallowed; where they become anonymous statistics. Another ‘displaced’. This is the term encompassing the circumstances of over four million Colombians.

Forced displacement is not merely a consequence of Colombia’s armed conflict; it is a strategic objective of the war. Five million hectares of fertile land have been depopulated to secure foreign investment in mining, bio fuel crops and mega-projects such as dams, highways, ports, and oil pipelines, or to provide strategic corridors for drug trafficking and arms smuggling.

The Uprooting is an interactive photo essay that aims to give voice to the displaced, and context to their situation. In three chapters, it traces the story of forced displacement from life on the land, to resilience and survival in the city. It can be viewed as a traditional photo essay, or each image can be scrolled over to reveal embedded information, ambient sound, captions, and the spoken stories of the people who appear in each photo.